Asia Literacy Challenge

For schools to prepare students for a changing world, there’s no better time to improve their knowledge about Asia, a region of enormous consequence to the global economy and world affairs. The Asia Literacy Challenge (ALC) provides a flexible teaching program with a three-tier platform that engages students in acquiring the knowledge they need.

Offered by AsiaPacificEd in partnership Australia-based Asia Wise, ALC begins with 50 ready-to-use, standards-aligned, Asia-focused questions, drawn from World Geography and World History curricula, with markings handled by the program and results available the day after submission. Tiers two and three feature in-depth knowledge-building and peer interactions. What’s more, this annually updated program can be taken anytime throughout the school year so it easily fits into the regular curriculum.

For US schools, special funds are available to cover the admin fee (US$40 per school with use by unlimited number of teachers) and per student cost (US$5). Contact us to see if your school qualifies for this fee waiver.

Register and learn more on the ALC website:

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