Leading Students to Discoveries through Webquests

Module Summary

A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented lesson in which the information that learners work with comes from the Web. Creating a WebQuest can be a relatively simple process, for it is basically a document with hyperlinks. This module illustrates how to create and use a WebQuest to teach about Southeast Asia in World War II.

Teaching Materials

A guide for designing a WebQuest
Link to WebQuest

Key topics include: WWII in Southeast Asia, Teaching aids and strategies.

This module is based on the presentation by Namji Steinemann (AsiaPacificEd Program, East-West Center) at the East-West Center’s National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Institute for Teachers titled “Southeast Asia: At the Crossroads of World War II.”

We welcome comments from teachers on how you have integrated this material into your teaching, including what was useful and what wasn’t, and what additional resources you would like to see in or recommend for this module.