P4Y Cambodia

Examine global trends and their impact on the everyday life of people in communities across Cambodia. Explore its rich culture as well as examine its complex history and the diverse meanings they hold for different people. Discover unforgettable landscape in uncommon places, including the magnificent monuments of Angkor. Experience varied rhythms of daily life of local families.

Offered annually, P4Y: Cambodia is a “civic engagement in action” initiative designed to promote real-world learning through educational travel and experiential learning. The program includes community-driven service learning projects and homestays in a village situated along the Mekong River, where the participants will learn about the ecology, the economy, and the lives of people who depend on the river’s bounty for their livelihoods and food security.

The program is open to rising sophomores and juniors in US high schools nationwide and their teachers. Students and teachers participate in small school-based teams (usually 3-4 students and one teacher per school), with teachers serving as learning facilitators.

The program runs from June 28 to July 16, 2017. Visit the P4Y Cambodia Website for more info:

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